Day 4

Today is black coated skinny jeans and the chambray shirt and black Nikes.


I definitely prefer shirts to t-shirts.  The ts seem to cling to my middle region even though they are 100% cotton.  So I have learnt one thing from this challenge.  The only problem is what do I do with seventy billion t-shirts? (that are mostly grey)


But then again, think of the drawer space I would gain.

The other thing I am learning is that all my clothes are similar.  Skinny jeans and ts so it wouldn’t matter if I had 50 items to choose from, they would all be the same anyway.  Very interesting.  Note to self, stop buying grey t-shirts.

I wonder does everyone wear the same thing over and over?

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Day 3

The items I am wearing on day 3 are the grey t, blue skinny jeans and black and grey kicks.

I had a few items of clothing to wash so I have washed the white t and the tracks.  I don’t know how I will wash the other clothes as I won’t have a load of washing to do with only 10 items and 2 of them shoes!  This could be the dilemma of this challenge.  I couldn’t wear a t-shirt twice, jeans, yes but not a shirt.  And I don’t think I will do a load of washing with 3 t-shirts.


What do you wear instead of a t-shirt?  I seem to have lots of ts.  And I don’t think they’re doing me any favours either.

Tonight we are going out to the pub for dinner and I might take the chambray shirt in case it is a bit cold in the aircon.

I wonder what t I will wear tomorrow?

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Day 2

So it’s day 2 and I can’t believe it but I have the trackies (the auto correct wants to call them tracks so I might too) on again! I was going to wear the black coated skinnies but I’m going for a facial and I thought the trackies were more comfortable. This time with the chambray shirt and black Nikes.


I must say that it is easy to get dressed when you only have a limited amount of choice.  If I get through this 10 days I might do the 37 items for 3 months.

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10 items, 10 outfits, 10 days

I have been reading a couple of minimalist blogs of late, namely unfancy and cladwell.

Unfancy challenged herself to wear 10 items of clothing in 10 different outfits for 10 days. Cladwell staff took up the challenge also.  I thought why not.  My lifestyle is different to Cladwell as I don’t go out to work in an office.  Unfancy works from home so her style is casual.

It was a little difficult choosing the items of clothing.  It doesn’t include accessories but it does include shoes.  I chose 3 bottoms, 2 shoes, 5 tops.  I’m not sure about one of the tops and one of the bottoms but we shall see how it goes.  Here are my items.  (I’m not a photographer so the pics are pretty basic)


dark blue skinnies and black coated skinnies



black trackies (not sure but actually have them on day 1! stay at home day)


black and grey kicks and black nikes


cream shirt


chambray shirt


grey, white and black ts

So today, I have on the black trackies, white t and black and grey kicks.


It will do for a day at home washing and ironing.

Hopefully, I’ll be more inspired tomorrow.

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Household jobs

I wonder what household job you absolutely hate doing.  Ironing, washing, folding clothes, cleaning, etc, etc.

Well, mine is unstacking a clean dishwasher.  I hate it and put it off to the point of washing dishes instead of emptying the bloody thing.

I don’t have a problem stacking it as that is done gradually but to unstack and put everything away in a cupboard or drawer seems like a waste of time.

I have a solution to this.  Two dishwashers.  Not the two drawer because I don’t get those at all.  The dishwasher is either full or not, so half doesn’t make sense to me.  Maybe if you live alone of don’t have twenty billion teaspoons and glasses, they are practical but not for me.

I mean two full size dishwashers, one either side of the sink.  You could even have a magnetic sign, ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’.  Then  you could just use the utensils out of the clean and fill up the other one with the dirty.  I think this is perfect solution to a mundane task.  It wouldn’t be much more expensive than a cupboard, dishwashers are cheap these days.

What’s  your most hated household job?

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For a few years now there has been something making holes in my t-shirts.  The internet is alive with theories about what causes this.

The holes have been attributed to marble bench tops (which I don’t have), the button on your jeans, the seatbelt and occasionally someone will say it’s a bug/moth/silverfish etc.

Well, I thought it was a bug of some description and I have emptied drawers and sprayed with surface spray and that seemed to solve the problem for the time being.  But , they’re back.  I pulled a t shirt out of the drawer this week and it had a hole in the front.  I was disappointed because I bought it in Hawaii in March and haven’t really worn it yet. (winter in Australia)

So I emptied the drawer and changed the paper and sprayed again.  I know there are people that don’t use poisons in their house but nothing natural will kill these little blighters.  Not cedar blocks or essential oils, nothing.  I leave the clothes out for a few hours before putting them back but I am not going to lose any more shirts to these buggers.  This is what the dead one looked like:


It had a hard ridged shell like a dinosaur but the underside was white and moth like.  I don’t know what it is but I know that it’s the culprit.  Not bench tops or seatbelt or jeans.

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I’ve been reading about the phenomenon that is Marie Kondo, a Japanese tidying expert.  She has taken the world by storm from all accounts on the internet.  I have been trying to simplify my belongings for months but I keep buying more stuff.  At the moment I am housebound and cannot drive, so this has given me the time to sort some drawers.

The first one I tackled was my tea towel, kitchen towel and bib drawer. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a before picture, but it was semi tidy and everything stacked on top of each other, which meant that I tended to use the top towels over and over again.  Here is the ‘after’



The Kondo method loves rolling items.  The little dribble bibs didn’t roll too well so they stayed flat.

My next drawer was my undie/sock one.  I did take a picture of the stuff in it but not in situ, on the bed after I had emptied it.  Here is the ‘before’



Here is the ‘after’



I threw out a fair few things as well.  The Kondo method says you have to thank the item for their service before throwing them out.  I didn’t go that far, I just chucked.  She also recommends using boxes within drawers.  I had a couple of empty shoe boxes that I used. It does feel really good and I can’t stop opening the two drawers and having a look!  The next one is the t shirt drawer.

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first post of 2016

This is the first post on the blog in quite a while. It is difficult sometimes to know what to blather on about. Is anyone interested?  Mainly it is a record for me and my family, maybe one day the grandchildren will read some of it and get a better understanding of who I am/was rather than the old granny in the corner whom we have to visit occasionally.

Anyway, here goes.

At the moment we are up at the beach house in Swansea Heads for 2 weeks.  This is an annual pilgrimage for us.  It is relaxing, and a great spot overlooking Lake Macquarie.  The house is low maintenance, housework wise, so it is a bit of a rest for me.  Although I still do the odd bit of cooking and cleaning, just not constantly.  Down the bottom of the street is the breakwater and at low tide there is a good little beach to swim in with a bit of sand.  The surf is behind the house, just a short drive away.


We don’t do much of anything.  This holiday will be a bit different.  We are having the grandchildren on their own for a few days.  First the Madster will come for her regular babysitting and then Hols and Jonny will come for a couple of days next week.  I am so looking forward to having the kids here and hoping that the weather will play its role in this.  It is a bit overcast at the moment and the rain has been constant for a couple of weeks.

Xmas was good this year although missing a few people.  Both sons didn’t come home from overseas and John’s daughter spent time with her mum, so it was quite a difference compared to last year.  The grandchildren enjoyed it and that’s what Xmas is about.  I love Xmas and had a really lovely day.  Lots of food and drink and pressies.

New Year’s Eve day I spent in hospital having an infusion for my Crohn’s.  This will occur every 8 weeks for the rest of the year along with weekly chemo injections.  It’s a bugger but gradually getting better.  I spent the week before Xmas in hospital also.  Oh well.

Tom sent me this from NY.  Celebrities!


Tom and Bambi are really loving NYC.  They have been there nearly a year.  Can’t believe it.

That’ll do for now.


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A Tale of Two Retailers


This is a story of online shopping between two retailers and their customer service. I do a lot of online shopping probably as much as I do in bricks and mortar stores.

The first experience is with a company called They make control bands for muffin tops, and belly bands for pregnancy and a few other items of a similar nature. I first ordered the bands for my pregnant daughter who found them really supportive and comfortable. I then ordered some of the tummy tucker ones for me. They, too, were comfortable and kept my jeans/pants from slipping down. I decided to get a couple more. I placed my order and waited, and waited. On contacting the company, Michelle first stated she didn’t receive my emails. I sent the enquiry from their ‘contact us’ on their website. I subsequently sent numerous emails with no satisfactory answer. This order totalled around $20. In the end I sent her an email saying I wasn’t bothering pursuing the matter any further and obviously she didn’t care about customer service. I received no reply. (or product).

The other experience is with a WA company called I ordered a sweater from them and didn’t receive it when I thought I would so I contacted them by email and had a response within hours. Anya sent me a photo of the parcel post that she lodged with the post office. I followed it up with my post office and Anya filled in a missing parcel form and called Aus Post and hung on the phone for ages. In the end, after about 2 weeks of nothing from Aus Post, Anya offered to send me the sweater again. I was going away for a week so I said to hold off and see what happens when I return. When I got home, the original parcel had arrived. I emailed Anya and we were both very happy. This sweater was $55.

I don’t know whether what I write on a blog has any influence on anybody whatsoever. I like to read reviews of websites before I purchase and think customer service is important. It’s easy to take the money.

I highly recommend one of a kind and hope that they do very well in the online retail world.

I will not recommend belly biz to anyone ever again. Is their business reputation not worth $20 to keep a customer happy? Obviously not.

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The Great….. Undie Edit

Three days ago I cleaned out my underwear and sock drawer and ended up with a pile of a dozen or so undies for the bin. I never send undies to the charity shop although I have it on good authority that they do sell them!


Before I threw them out I decided to wear them one more time and see whether or not they were deserving of the bin. If so I would just chuck them unwashed. I have a friend who does this before going overseas so that she doesn’t have any dirty undies left in the house. ( I guess in case she doesn’t return and someone else has to go through her things)! I clean my house before I go away in case I don’t come back but that’s another blog.

The first pair were a cheap lacy pair from Kmart. They were very comfortable and so are being returned to the drawer. The second day ones were also good so they too are being kept. Today’s are not so good. They are a bit boy leg and the back is not so generous over the bum. They will be going.

I get into a bit of a rut with underwear. At the moment, I am favouring plain black hi cut bikinis. My mother would have a conniption at me wearing black ‘next to your crotch’. Something about the dyes in the fabric.

I have never been able to wear a g string. I don’t get them at all. I can’t think of much worse than a piece of fabric between your buttocks all day. I know a lot of people wear them and like them but they are not for me. If a piece of clothing calls for a g string then I’m not buying the clothing.

And then there are bras. I wouldn’t know how many bras I have but it is a lot. And every one of them I rip off as soon as I can. Does anyone wear a comfortable bra? I’ve had wire, no wire, plastic wire? (cost a fortune), and sports bras (they’re great to get on when it’s hot and humid). From very expensive to cheap and they are all the same: uncomfortable. I watched a programme with Gok Wan (now the Target guy, but he had his own show on Fox) who went to China to explore where all our clothing now comes from and he visited a factory making underwear. The upshot was that the high street bras were made in exactly the same factory with the same materials as the Victoria’s Secret bras.

Enough said.

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