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Household jobs

I wonder what household job you absolutely hate doing.  Ironing, washing, folding clothes, cleaning, etc, etc. Well, mine is unstacking a clean dishwasher.  I hate it and put it off to the point of washing dishes instead of emptying the … Continue reading

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For a few years now there has been something making holes in my t-shirts.  The internet is alive with theories about what causes this. The holes have been attributed to marble bench tops (which I don’t have), the button on … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading about the phenomenon that is Marie Kondo, a Japanese tidying expert.  She has taken the world by storm from all accounts on the internet.  I have been trying to simplify my belongings for months but I keep … Continue reading

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cleaning #1

Things you may not think to clean (that are really very dirty) The kitchen sink I don’t use my sink for much at all, just rinsing things before they go in the dish washer. I wash vegetables etc in my … Continue reading

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