Hi. Thank you for visiting.  My name is Pauline and I am a 50 something retired stay at home grandmother which sounds really old and past it but I’m not.  I still wear skinny jeans and love antiageing skin care products and procedures, and makeup, clothes and shoes.  I am always shopping, cooking or looking after two adorable grandchildren who live next door. I have three adult children, one girl and two boys, and two adult stepchildren,  a boy and a girl.  I live with my partner (J) of 13 years above a liquor store that his family owned and ran for 28 years.  We no longer operate the liquor store but still live above it in a 4 bedroom flat.  My stepson lives in a flat behind us with his wife and 2 children (my grandchildren, but not technically).  My stepdaughter lives in Melbourne.  My daughter has recently married.  One son is living overseas and the other is in Sydney.  My mother-in-law lives next door and J’s 2 brothers next door to her .  I call it the compound.

You can contact me here

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