The Return

My last post was in January 2017 just before we went up the coast.  The holiday started out good, we had a few visitors and some lovely days, but by February when we (I mean John) were back painting the house, I got really sick.  I had a blood test and my doctor ordered me home and into hospital.  I have had Crohn’s disease for the last four years.  Anyway, things went from bad to worse and I had an operation to remove my large bowel.  I have started a new blog about this.  You can find it here

The clothing challenge and declutter went quite well and I learned some new lessons although they now have to be modified.  Unfortunately, my new physical appearance has made a huge difference in my clothing choices.  I have donated or given away about 20 pairs of jeans that don’t make the cut over the stomach.  I need really high waists or low rise.  Six months ago there were hardly any high rise jeans around when I wanted them and now there are hardly any low rise.  Anyway the high rise aren’t high enough.  It is hard now every day on what to wear.

I will be concentrating on the bag lady blog from now on because it is my new normal.  I understand that it is completely different to a ‘lifeabovetheliqourstore’ type of blog and I know that for most people, it will not resonate.

Thank you for reading.


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