The Challenge continues….

So, last time, I was at three for day 7, so I added a whole pile of cooking magazines, and a broken handle from a heater!




Then, I decided to clean out the laundry cupboard and that resulted in lots of items to dispose of.  There are too many to photograph but here is a sample:


vacuum bags (no longer have this vac)


cutting boards


a blow heater


empty jars

There were more magazines (what’s with the keeping magazines), old feather dusters and heaps of old towels that I culled.  I ended up with several boxes of rubbish and a few things for charity.  Then it was on to the bathroom.  We are doing a reno this month on the bathroom, putting in a second toilet, new vanity and retiling.  I tossed out a heap of old oils and tinctures that have been there since the year dot!  I haven’t counted everything but I think the idea of the challenge was to get started and I have certainly done that.

Tomorrow we go away for the rest of the month so I won’t be continuing but I think I have almost made 496 items.  I certainly feel better about getting rid of stuff and hope to continue in the kitchen and lounge room when I return.  Then, my new challenge will be a capsule wardrobe.  That should be very interesting.

Keep you posted.

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