Another Challenge

I have another challenge going on at the moment.  This is not a ‘what I am wearing’ challenge like the last one.  This comes from here. The idea is to throw out/donate/recycle item/s for every day of the month.  That means one item on Jan 1, 2 on Jan 2 etc.  I think it will get harder as the numbers increase.  I worked out it is 496 items for the month of January!  I am ahead at the moment because I charity binned more t shirts than necessary but they will count towards the 496 goal.  This is what I have tossed so far:


6 t-shirts



 2 pairs of thongs



2 singlets and pj pants


4 old makeup/creams


old warranties/receipts of appliances we no longer have!


4 belts, gloves and a hair protector from Thailand when we rode motor scooters!

The things you keep!  I counted the warranties as my 5 items even though there were a few more but I don’t think you should count every little thing as an item.  You wouldn’t get rid of much that way.

Today, so far, I have two tiny Xmas trees that drop glitter everywhere and the Xmas cards (as one lot), so I’m calling that at three.  I would normally keep the Xmas cards for next year to make sure that I send everyone a card but I do have a list and this year the cards were very thin.  I have decided not to send any next year as a lot of people obviously did this year.  I sent 23 and received about 8!

I am looking forward to getting rid of stuff in this challenge.  Oh and by the way, you can’t buy anything that’s not essential.  I think that is more of a challenge for me than throwing stuff out.  I’ll keep you posted.

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