New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope 2017 is a good year.  2016  wasn’t one of my better years, so hoping for an improvement in 2017, health wise.

To start off the year, I would like to give a bit of background to my obsession with beauty products and cosmetics.  I think it all started when we lived in Melbourne and my mum had a job with Avon.  She was the MD’s secretary.  They became firm friends over the years and stayed in touch.  Anyway, mum used to bring home samples of the cosmetics.

I was about 8 yrs old.  There were little lipsticks in tiny white plastic lipstick containers.   There were little vials of the perfumes.  Rouges, eyeshadows, face powder.  I loved it all and played at dress ups and make up.  I think this was the start of my love of makeup and skin products.

Over the years I think I have learned a lot about makeup application.  I have been conturing since the 70s (with brown and white eyeshadow).  I am still looking for the HG in foundation.  I thought I knew most things but then..

I found the glove!  For years I have been applying fake tan.  Spray, lotion and mousse.  I have never had brilliant results with the outcome, unless done professionally.  But recently, I acquired a glove.  It is a sponge like consistency and you spray on the tan and then rub it in with the glove.  I am in love.  There are no streaks, it is so easy and quick.  At the moment I am using Ulta3 (cheap as chips) but I’m sure it will be the same result with any of the brands.


Game changer, really.


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