Day 10

Day 10 is finally here. Here is the final pic.


Blue jeans, white t and Nikes.

I have learned some lessons from this challenge.

  • I always wear the same thing. Even with the restriction of 10 items, most of my wardrobe is the same anyway.
  • I am boring in my clothes choices.
  • T shirts look terrible on me now that I am fatter round the middle.
  • I don’t wear any colour except grey, black and white. ( This does make it easier to get dressed in the mornings)
  • I don’t do patterns.

In my defence I don’t go out to work and rarely go anywhere that needs dressing up.  Jeans are most people’s default item of clothing from all the blogs I read.  I think I could be more adventurous in the top department.  I know that I will wear more shirts from now on and I will look at colour and pattern.  I think this will take some time for me to embrace.  It’s quite a leap for me.

The shoes I will not change.  I now wear kicks most days.  If I wear a heel it is usually an ankle boot, although we have a wedding next weekend and I am already dreading the court shoe heels.  I haven’t worn heels for ages.

This has been eyeopening for me.  I didn’t realise how I looked until I took a photo every day.  I am sure that I will now shop with a lot more consideration for what I already have and buy something other than a grey t-shirt!

Here is a recap

img_8604 img_8606 img_8611 img_8612 img_8615 img_8663 img_8686 img_8668 img_8697               img_8698



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