Day 7

It is getting harder and a bit boring but I’m not sure why.  I would be wearing a version of the 10 items anyway as I have about 38 pairs of skinny jeans and I’ve posted the t-shirt drawer.  I’m finding my blue skinnies are starting to stretch and I would have discarded them to the wash by now, contrary to the theory that you don’t have to wash jeans and can just freeze them.  The black coated jeans are holding up well.  The ts are gross and I have washed them, feeling guilty at the small load of washing.  Today I wore the black jeans and black t and black Nikes.  (Arggh)


I don’t know whether I chose well at the beginning. It is hard to know what you will wear for 10 days which is why packing for a trip is so difficult.  And it does get boring wearing the same thing over and over.

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