Day 4

Today is black coated skinny jeans and the chambray shirt and black Nikes.


I definitely prefer shirts to t-shirts.  The ts seem to cling to my middle region even though they are 100% cotton.  So I have learnt one thing from this challenge.  The only problem is what do I do with seventy billion t-shirts? (that are mostly grey)


But then again, think of the drawer space I would gain.

The other thing I am learning is that all my clothes are similar.  Skinny jeans and ts so it wouldn’t matter if I had 50 items to choose from, they would all be the same anyway.  Very interesting.  Note to self, stop buying grey t-shirts.

I wonder does everyone wear the same thing over and over?

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1 Response to Day 4

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    The classic selfie lol

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