10 items, 10 outfits, 10 days

I have been reading a couple of minimalist blogs of late, namely unfancy and cladwell.

Unfancy challenged herself to wear 10 items of clothing in 10 different outfits for 10 days. Cladwell staff took up the challenge also.  I thought why not.  My lifestyle is different to Cladwell as I don’t go out to work in an office.  Unfancy works from home so her style is casual.

It was a little difficult choosing the items of clothing.  It doesn’t include accessories but it does include shoes.  I chose 3 bottoms, 2 shoes, 5 tops.  I’m not sure about one of the tops and one of the bottoms but we shall see how it goes.  Here are my items.  (I’m not a photographer so the pics are pretty basic)


dark blue skinnies and black coated skinnies



black trackies (not sure but actually have them on day 1! stay at home day)


black and grey kicks and black nikes


cream shirt


chambray shirt


grey, white and black ts

So today, I have on the black trackies, white t and black and grey kicks.


It will do for a day at home washing and ironing.

Hopefully, I’ll be more inspired tomorrow.

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