Household jobs

I wonder what household job you absolutely hate doing.  Ironing, washing, folding clothes, cleaning, etc, etc.

Well, mine is unstacking a clean dishwasher.  I hate it and put it off to the point of washing dishes instead of emptying the bloody thing.

I don’t have a problem stacking it as that is done gradually but to unstack and put everything away in a cupboard or drawer seems like a waste of time.

I have a solution to this.  Two dishwashers.  Not the two drawer because I don’t get those at all.  The dishwasher is either full or not, so half doesn’t make sense to me.  Maybe if you live alone of don’t have twenty billion teaspoons and glasses, they are practical but not for me.

I mean two full size dishwashers, one either side of the sink.  You could even have a magnetic sign, ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’.  Then  you could just use the utensils out of the clean and fill up the other one with the dirty.  I think this is perfect solution to a mundane task.  It wouldn’t be much more expensive than a cupboard, dishwashers are cheap these days.

What’s  your most hated household job?

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