I’ve been reading about the phenomenon that is Marie Kondo, a Japanese tidying expert.  She has taken the world by storm from all accounts on the internet.  I have been trying to simplify my belongings for months but I keep buying more stuff.  At the moment I am housebound and cannot drive, so this has given me the time to sort some drawers.

The first one I tackled was my tea towel, kitchen towel and bib drawer. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a before picture, but it was semi tidy and everything stacked on top of each other, which meant that I tended to use the top towels over and over again.  Here is the ‘after’



The Kondo method loves rolling items.  The little dribble bibs didn’t roll too well so they stayed flat.

My next drawer was my undie/sock one.  I did take a picture of the stuff in it but not in situ, on the bed after I had emptied it.  Here is the ‘before’



Here is the ‘after’



I threw out a fair few things as well.  The Kondo method says you have to thank the item for their service before throwing them out.  I didn’t go that far, I just chucked.  She also recommends using boxes within drawers.  I had a couple of empty shoe boxes that I used. It does feel really good and I can’t stop opening the two drawers and having a look!  The next one is the t shirt drawer.

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