first post of 2016

This is the first post on the blog in quite a while. It is difficult sometimes to know what to blather on about. Is anyone interested?  Mainly it is a record for me and my family, maybe one day the grandchildren will read some of it and get a better understanding of who I am/was rather than the old granny in the corner whom we have to visit occasionally.

Anyway, here goes.

At the moment we are up at the beach house in Swansea Heads for 2 weeks.  This is an annual pilgrimage for us.  It is relaxing, and a great spot overlooking Lake Macquarie.  The house is low maintenance, housework wise, so it is a bit of a rest for me.  Although I still do the odd bit of cooking and cleaning, just not constantly.  Down the bottom of the street is the breakwater and at low tide there is a good little beach to swim in with a bit of sand.  The surf is behind the house, just a short drive away.


We don’t do much of anything.  This holiday will be a bit different.  We are having the grandchildren on their own for a few days.  First the Madster will come for her regular babysitting and then Hols and Jonny will come for a couple of days next week.  I am so looking forward to having the kids here and hoping that the weather will play its role in this.  It is a bit overcast at the moment and the rain has been constant for a couple of weeks.

Xmas was good this year although missing a few people.  Both sons didn’t come home from overseas and John’s daughter spent time with her mum, so it was quite a difference compared to last year.  The grandchildren enjoyed it and that’s what Xmas is about.  I love Xmas and had a really lovely day.  Lots of food and drink and pressies.

New Year’s Eve day I spent in hospital having an infusion for my Crohn’s.  This will occur every 8 weeks for the rest of the year along with weekly chemo injections.  It’s a bugger but gradually getting better.  I spent the week before Xmas in hospital also.  Oh well.

Tom sent me this from NY.  Celebrities!


Tom and Bambi are really loving NYC.  They have been there nearly a year.  Can’t believe it.

That’ll do for now.


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