A Tale of Two Retailers


This is a story of online shopping between two retailers and their customer service. I do a lot of online shopping probably as much as I do in bricks and mortar stores.

The first experience is with a company called bellybiz.com. They make control bands for muffin tops, and belly bands for pregnancy and a few other items of a similar nature. I first ordered the bands for my pregnant daughter who found them really supportive and comfortable. I then ordered some of the tummy tucker ones for me. They, too, were comfortable and kept my jeans/pants from slipping down. I decided to get a couple more. I placed my order and waited, and waited. On contacting the company, Michelle first stated she didn’t receive my emails. I sent the enquiry from their ‘contact us’ on their website. I subsequently sent numerous emails with no satisfactory answer. This order totalled around $20. In the end I sent her an email saying I wasn’t bothering pursuing the matter any further and obviously she didn’t care about customer service. I received no reply. (or product).

The other experience is with a WA company called oneofakindboutiquestore.bigcartel.com. I ordered a sweater from them and didn’t receive it when I thought I would so I contacted them by email and had a response within hours. Anya sent me a photo of the parcel post that she lodged with the post office. I followed it up with my post office and Anya filled in a missing parcel form and called Aus Post and hung on the phone for ages. In the end, after about 2 weeks of nothing from Aus Post, Anya offered to send me the sweater again. I was going away for a week so I said to hold off and see what happens when I return. When I got home, the original parcel had arrived. I emailed Anya and we were both very happy. This sweater was $55.

I don’t know whether what I write on a blog has any influence on anybody whatsoever. I like to read reviews of websites before I purchase and think customer service is important. It’s easy to take the money.

I highly recommend one of a kind and hope that they do very well in the online retail world.

I will not recommend belly biz to anyone ever again. Is their business reputation not worth $20 to keep a customer happy? Obviously not.

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