The Great….. Undie Edit

Three days ago I cleaned out my underwear and sock drawer and ended up with a pile of a dozen or so undies for the bin. I never send undies to the charity shop although I have it on good authority that they do sell them!


Before I threw them out I decided to wear them one more time and see whether or not they were deserving of the bin. If so I would just chuck them unwashed. I have a friend who does this before going overseas so that she doesn’t have any dirty undies left in the house. ( I guess in case she doesn’t return and someone else has to go through her things)! I clean my house before I go away in case I don’t come back but that’s another blog.

The first pair were a cheap lacy pair from Kmart. They were very comfortable and so are being returned to the drawer. The second day ones were also good so they too are being kept. Today’s are not so good. They are a bit boy leg and the back is not so generous over the bum. They will be going.

I get into a bit of a rut with underwear. At the moment, I am favouring plain black hi cut bikinis. My mother would have a conniption at me wearing black ‘next to your crotch’. Something about the dyes in the fabric.

I have never been able to wear a g string. I don’t get them at all. I can’t think of much worse than a piece of fabric between your buttocks all day. I know a lot of people wear them and like them but they are not for me. If a piece of clothing calls for a g string then I’m not buying the clothing.

And then there are bras. I wouldn’t know how many bras I have but it is a lot. And every one of them I rip off as soon as I can. Does anyone wear a comfortable bra? I’ve had wire, no wire, plastic wire? (cost a fortune), and sports bras (they’re great to get on when it’s hot and humid). From very expensive to cheap and they are all the same: uncomfortable. I watched a programme with Gok Wan (now the Target guy, but he had his own show on Fox) who went to China to explore where all our clothing now comes from and he visited a factory making underwear. The upshot was that the high street bras were made in exactly the same factory with the same materials as the Victoria’s Secret bras.

Enough said.

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