cleaning #1

Things you may not think to clean (that are really very dirty)

The kitchen sink
I don’t use my sink for much at all, just rinsing things before they go in the dish washer. I wash vegetables etc in my salad spinner bowl or just by holding under running water. However, every week I give it a good scrub with crème cleanser and hot water.


Light switches

The light switches are touched all the time by everyone in your house. They can harbour awful germs and need to be disinfected regularly. I use full strength disinfectant in a spray bottle and a cloth.

IMG_2775  IMG_2777

The phone
The phone is another germ harbour. Clean the same as for light switches.



The remote control
same as above


Door handles and doors
Door handles are the same as the previous but also the actual doors if you have children or people who don’t use the handle to open and close doors. Go look at your door edges.


The flush button on the toilet
Most people clean their toilet bowls and seats but not the actual flush button. Think about it, this is where the hands go.


that’s wear and tear on mine, it’s 40 years old

The slats on the chairs (if they have slats)
This is a pet peeve of mine and I will never again have chairs with slat backs.


Make up brushes
I don’t wash mine nearly enough but when I do they are a joy to use again. I swirl them around in warm water with shampoo, rinse thoroughly and lay them on a towel to dry. Try not to wet the ferrule (the silver bit that joins the bristles to the handle) too much as it dissolves the glue and they fall apart. Some of the brushes can cost the earth so you need to look after them.


Fridge seals
Again most people clean out their fridge on a regular basis but neglect the seals. Use a cloth and warm water and get into the creases. You may be surprised at what lives in there.


The dishwasher
I wash my things before putting in the dishwasher so it doesn’t get very dirty but if you notice brown spots on your glasses, it’s time to clean the filters of the washer. Remove and wash in hot soapy water. You don’t need those cleaner tablets, just clean the filters and if you are inclined, put the machine through a wash with nothing in it and add vinegar.  Just splash it around the bottom of the dishwasher and in the rinse aid dispenser.


Washing up brushes
I put my washing up brush through the dishwasher once a week (or more often if it is gross looking) in the cutlery holder.


Stove knobs, microwave controls, kettle handle
Just a few of the things that get overlooked and really can harbour nasties.

IMG_2788 IMG_2787


These are just what I can think of now, if you have any more please feel free to comment.

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