an update

I am going to Germany on 1st May to visit my son who has lived in Berlin for 2 years.  So, I have been thinking about what to take and what to take it in.  I have bought a few things for the trip to wear as well. (later post)

Firstly, a technology bag. (sounds like I know what I’m talking about)  My daughter and son-in-law gave me a kindle for my recent birthday so that has to have a bag.  Also I am taking my iPad.

technology bag

technology bag



This bag was on sale at Strandbags for $49!!!!!!!!!! not $139.  If they can still make a profit at that price, why are we paying so much for stuff in Australia?

This doesn’t replace a handbag so I needed one that wasn’t too big.  I tend to have oversized handbags but with the techno bag, I don’t need a big tote.  I found this at The Iconic and bought it Friday afternoon and it was in my hands Monday lunch, free shipping.



$80 Urban Originals

It’s very light and I love a bit of leopard.  It’s vegan leather but I find the real leather too heavy.  I did buy a very expensive Fossil bag but it’s too heavy empty so it won’t be coming on this trip.

Then, of course, the luggage.  As I am travelling alone, I couldn’t cope with two bags so I bought a bigger one.  It weighs next to nothing and it was on special for $180 at Myer.  It’s by Antler and it has a TSA approved lock that the authorities can open with a key and they don’t break your locks or zips.  It spins every which way and is easy for me to handle.  Hopefully, it won’t get too heavy for hauling off carousels!



My itinerary is pretty loose.  I am going to Berlin to meet up with Luc and staying 5 nights and then we are going to Belgium to Ypres.  My maternal great uncle was killed in WW1 on the battlefield there.  He was 19 and a medic, bringing in wounded.  I have his war records from the War Archives in Canberra and they include the details of his grave.  It will be just after Anzac Day so the crowds will be gone.  I believe the locals play the Last Post every evening at 8pm and have done for 80+ years except during WW2.  When I come back from my trip, I intend to start researching my mother’s family history.

After Belgium, we are going to Paris.  I have never been to Paris except for a layover at the airport over 30 years ago.  Then we will head back to Berlin.

I asked Luc if there was anything he needed but he said no.  However, I will be taking vegemite.


If you want to , you can follow the trip on instagram.  I’m chippochic.

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