on holidays

John and I are currently up the coast at the holiday house. We come every year in January for a couple of weeks. The last few years the weather has been average but this year it is glorious. Lovely sunny days and no rain. Great for us but not so much for the rest of the state which is experiencing hotter than average temperatures. And Victoria is sweltering above 40°C every day!

So far we have swam every day and eaten far too much. Had a friend and his partner for a few days who is a Vietnamese restauranteur so the food was very good. Unfortunately, on holidays, I don’t think about food too much and hope that we either go out or John will BBQ.

I am not shopping either. I had a bit of a session before we came away. I have been buying maxis for the Bali trip in April. My DIL gave me a lovely Witchery one for Xmas, which I have worn a lot.

The friend left and we had a couple of days alone and then another male friend arrived for the last couple of days.  He and John love a punt on the horses and spent a while at the club.  Ignore the first sentence of the last paragraph!  By the end of the second week I had a little cabin fever so left the boys to their own devices and hit the shops at Charlestown Square.  I was going to Belmont Westfield when I found this on the map on the way.  Much closer and lots of shops.  I had a lovely couple of hours and bought a few things.  Here they are,

valleygirl cardigan

Light blue cardigan from valley girl $20, mainly cotton

long singlet

valley girl long singlet or short dress $5

I sleep in this and the ones from Glassons

another cream jacket

Another cream jacket ( I thought it was white, but it’s not) ally $25 fully lined

black ally pants

ally relaxed pants $25, nice fabric, side and rear pockets tapered hem, love them

Also a couple of bras from Myer that were 30% off.  Chloe and Lola.

This post is a bit old.  We have been home for a week or so but I hadn’t uploaded the photos and the old life got in the way so that’s my excuse.  I admire bloggers who post every day.  I will try to do more in the future.

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