it’s been a long time since I posted anything

It’s been months since I wrote on this blog, mainly because I was trying to think what I wanted to post.  Just random subjects on my everyday life or a theme.  I have decided on a theme of sorts.   I am a shopper.  It is one of the things that I do best.  I am also a cleaner, that’s the other thing I can do.  Two great, in my opinion, things I do well.  I have been reading blogs on decluttering and simplifying your life and I have cleaned out the kitchen and the wardrobe, but I still shop.  Hopefully, I will shop more ‘mindfully’, only buying what I love and need.  Well, that is the aim.  And maybe a few random ‘life’ posts, (for the grandchildren).

There are thousands of blogs on fashion and beauty so why would I want to add one more.  I am not going to advise anyone on what to wear, but just post what I wear and buy.  I have a ‘uniform’ of skinny jeans and baggy long tops.  It works for me.  I don’t know what shape I am, I think of myself as Spongebob Squarepants.  I also like relaxed pants with a narrow ankle and then I wear a more fitted top but bloused out over the stomach.  I am not one for dresses, (bad leg), but don’t mind a maxi with a waist.

On the beauty front, I consider myself very well informed on most things beauty.  I have tons of makeup and skin lotions and serums and am always looking for the next best thing.

And I may just be the best cleaner on the planet.  Ask me.

So this week, I have bought Almay smart shade perfect and correct primer, $20 on special at priceline.  This is comparable to the new Clinique colour correcting primers which are double the price.  This is what I do, find the equivalent at a better price.  The Face of Australis primer is an exact replica of the Napoleon one, at a fraction of the cost.

Almay primer


I also found some L’Oreal gel finish nail polishes at $6.95 in Target and priceline.  I particularly like ‘Opera Ballerina’, a very pale neutral.  They are quite small bottles which is good.  You are not left with nail polish that goes thick before you use it up. I wish cosmetic companies made more products in  smaller sizes as I get very sick of using the same thing and often start something new before the old is even halfway used.  It is also a good price compared to $17 for other brands.

Other recent purchases are pictured below.

IMG_1237 IMG_1238

Sportsgirl wallet $20.  Fits iphone and credit cards and cash.  Great for going out when not taking a bag.  Comes in a few colours.

boohoo tropical print pants $38

boohoo tropical print pants $38

ally knit singlet

ally knit singlet $20

and this I am thinking about buying


forever new cotton sweater $60 (seems a bit expensive)

As the weather warms up it may go on special.

IMG_1274 IMG_1275

target top $35, the back is longer and has white tail


best and less (yes, best and less) one piece $25

has proper cups and ruched front


cotton on swing top $20

very similar to the asos one I already have, oh well, will have to try harder.

All of these purchases are pretty much bargains.  I wrestle with buying less and more expensive or more and less expensive.  I know all about land fill and sweat shops in Asian countries but everything is made there, even the more expensive items and I can only think that we are being conned.  I watched a documentary with Gok Wan and he visited the Chinese factories.  One was an underwear factory and he asked what was the difference between the high street bras and the VS ones and was told that there was no difference, not fabric or manufacture.  It makes me think the high street brands are made in the same factory as the mass chain stores.  I can’t believe they have different factories for different price points.  Hence I stay clear of Witchery and ilk.  I will pay more for made in australia, but it is rather hard to find.  Sometimes supre has made in australia.

My most exciting purchase hasn’t arrived yet.  I will update when it does.  It just might be shoes!!!

On another note this was the view yesterday from above the liquor store,


Sydney and surrounds are in the midst of bush fires.  These fires are very early for the season.  This fire is about 100ks from me.  Today the smoke is thick here.  Hopefully they will be contained and there will be no more loss of property or God forbid, life.

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