these are not ballet flats

I don’t like ballet flats at all.  I think they are awful for a few reasons.

1, the round toe

2, toe cleavage

3, usually cheap plasticky looking

4, over embellished (buckles and bows etc)

5, every man and his dog schleps round in them


On the other hand there are flats I call skimmers.  These are not everywhere like the ballet flats and take some searching to find.  Well, I found these.Image

The reason that there are two colours in the pic is this.  If you bought one pair at full price then the second pair was $10.  You can’t go past that.  Whether or not I wear the pink ones much remains to be seen.  They are leather upper (suede) and lining and just for a change are made in India!!

I’m liking the fact that there is no toe cleavage and they are real leather with a pointier toe.  I wish I had photoshop to erase the veins.

I am also making a prediction that white pumps will be HUGE this Spring o/s and then of course here.  I would like some with a 3 1/2 inch heel and a silver toe cap.  The only ones I can find at the moment are too high for an oldie like me.

I looked for months and months for black pants with a white stripe down the side in a soft fabric, not a jean, and finally found them at asos. Now of course they are in all the shops.  Stay tuned for my next big thing.













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