a day at the races

On Saturday I attended the races at Randwick with my daughter, AK, and J for Sydney Cup Day.  We didn’t have members tickets but we decided to dress up a bit even for the plebs.

Most of the women/girls made an effort to look dressed up but some sadly get it so wrong.  The races are not club nights, especially in autumn.  Sydney has had some warm weather of late and Saturday was a particularly lovely day.  I am glad to see the women making an effort but please, get it right.  Big floppy white straw hats are not for the autumn races.  Felt in winter, straw in summer.  One more mature racegoer, who you would think would know better, wore a long shiny halter neck evening dress!  Most of the dresses are too short but I don’t think this is the wearer’s fault.  It is nigh impossible to find a dress longer than your thigh these days.

This is what I wore:


Dotti jacket, Glassons top, asos pants, Airflex suede shoes. (plus clutch, hat and gloves, not shown)

We had a great day although no-one won much on the punt.  We took all our food which included bread rolls and sticks, olives, tomatoes – semi and fresh, baby spinach, sopressa, ham, marinated eggplant and mushrooms, chips and dip, baby cupcakes, bruschetta mix and smoked salmon with creme fraiche and dill.  It was delicious and the envy of all around us.  Add a bottle of bubbly and some soda and juice and it was one of the best days I’ve had at the races.

Also, the atc (Australian Turf Club) has spent zillions on upgrading the stand and surrounding areas.  There are fabulous big screens and the betting area is large and accessible.  I can’t comment on the improvements in the Member’s because we weren’t there.  There could be more chairs and tables outside, AK was there at 11am and didn’t score an umbrella.  The sun disappears over the stand by about 1pm so it can get cool. It’s not a cheap day out, the entrance and drinks are expensive, parking is free!,  but once in a while it is really good to have a day out at the races.

I thoroughly recommend it.

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