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As I have said before I love the internet.  I do most of my shopping on the internet.  The only thing that I buy in the bricks and mortar stores are food, of course, and the cheap clothing from Kmart or the like.  I refuse to be ripped off any more from the major retailers of Australia.  They have had it too good for too long and whilst I don’t really want to see anyone lose a job, I really couldn’t care less if they all closed down.

I am going to share with you some of the sites that I buy from.  Lucky you, I have done the leg work.

First, it is worth having a look at amazon for almost anything.  The problem being that some sites will not ship to Australia.  You need to get to checkout most of the time to find this out which is a pain.

For make up and skincare prods try (free worldwide delivery) (UK)

You just have to shop around and see if the one with free delivery is cheaper than the one with paid delivery and weigh up the best option.

For clothing I shop everywhere.  Some of my favourites are Everyone knows asos or you’ve been living under a rock.  Free worldwide delivery and cheap returns.  as I said previously they have the best jeggings.

topshop  This is the UK site that will deliver to Australia for 9 quid.  I bought my dress for my daughter’s wedding from here.  free delivery to Australia.  These clothes are a bit young but sometimes have wearable things for the more mature (old) like maxis.

The next site I am a little hesitant to recommend as I had a bad experience with them.  I am willing to give them another try simply because they have some of the best stock.  I bought a dress and it was faulty and there is NO after sales customer service whatsoever.  They don’t answer any emails and so I wrote a scathing review of the dress which was promptly taken down but still no response.  After I don’t know how many emails with no reply I went to the manufacturer’s site and complained to them.  They responded but won’t ship to Australia.  Here is the link, good luck. house of fraser

There have been a couple of Asian sites I have previously shopped at but I can’t recommend them.  The clothing is really small and not very well made.  You can be lucky, I bought some great plether jeans, but overall it is very hit and miss.  I’ll mention the sites but not link.  There is which is the Chinese equivalent of eBay, sammydress, and yes style.  yes walker is shoes and bags.  The bags aren’t bad and there are BIGIF offers all the time.  I received a $50 voucher for writing a review on a bag and bought some cowboy boots, but they are badly made and will probably only last one season. The one Chinese site that I can recommend is light in the box.  They have wedding dresses and formal wear.  I have purchased 2 dresses from here. Other friends have bought bridesmaids and evening outfits.  They are really well made and the delivery is reasonable.

I haven’t bothered with all the Aus sites because they are generally known.  Most of the stores have an online outlet as well.

I know some people don’t want to have their credit details out there in cyber space so open a paypal account.  I have never had a problem with either paypal or my credit card. Hope this helps a bit with online shopping.

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