great start

Oh, this is going to be a long day.  First the printer is kaput and I am trying to install another spare one we have.  It is not ‘recognising software’ or some such thing so I am downloading software from manufacturer’s site which has taken 25 minutes so far and it’s not finished.

Meanwhile, Oompa was very quiet. Tuesday is my day with him.  I went to investigate and he was drawing on the lounge with blue BIRO.  I yelled, he yelled.  Sat him in the corner (well, not literally but away from the lounge) and went for the trusty baby wipes.  No good.  So, of course, where to but google.  The most recommended method was hairspray and baby wipes.  I have saturated lounge in hairspray and rubbed with a baby wipe and it seems a little faded.  It is very wet looking so will check when dry and let you know if it works.  Oompa has forgiven me for yelling and is now ‘doing the bacca’ as H would say.  This means pushing the vacuum around but not switched on.  He accidentally turned it on the other day and it frightened him so much.  He was shaking.

The printer has not installed, Oompa won’t sleep and the lounge isn’t looking too terrific.

Roll on 5pm (and a drink)

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