The shoe dilemma

Today is hot and sunny and muggy in Sydney.  For a couple of days there in early March it looked like autumn was here.  Out came the boots and off went the thongs.  Then, it all changed.  Back came the stinking hot weather and back to the shoe dilemma.

My daughter and I have a mantra when choosing outfits.  ‘Start with the shoes’.

In summer I get very lazy and usually end up in Havaianas.  Which, by the way, I resent paying $40 for in Australia when they are $5 in Brazil.  Although on the Isle of Capri in 2006 they were 40 euros! when our dollar was dismal.  They really are not much different to the cheap chain store ones but it is a good example of how a ‘name’ happens.  I tried to bring myself to buy and wear $5 ones but I couldn’t.

Anyway, I digress.  Back to this morning and the getting dressed routine.  Hot, sunny and humid. I am a jeans type person, at the moment I have 28 pairs.  All skinny.  The ones I am favouring lately are Dorothy Perkins jeggings.  They are the most comfortable pants on the planet.  I have them in dark indigo, black and a royal blue.  The black and indigo dye comes off on your hands a bit but hopefully this will stop after several washes.  They are very like jeans with back pockets but only pretend front pockets and fly. Stretchy and pull on.  When you put it down like that, they do sound a bit old lady, but, believe me they look good.  Longish t to cover the top of the pants.  Then  SHOES!

Will be going to the shops so don’t want to wear heels.  Finally decide on t-strap zebra sandals. By the way, I hate ballet flats.  I think they are the ugliest footwear on the planet.

So, whilst I am at the shops, I look at people’s  footwear and there is definitely a need for stylish, comfortable flats.  The orthopedic looking ones are terrible, runners and trackies are not much better.  Young mothers are the culprits here, they don’t look like they have been anywhere near a gym.  But mostly there are thongs and ballet flats.Image

What are your shoe dilemmas?

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