The internet and baking paper

There are two things I can’t live without, the internet and baking paper.  Baking paper is one of the most amazing things ever invented.  If you are near my age you would appreciate how baking paper has changed your cooking life.  No more stuck messes on the bottom of baking trays.  It is fabulous on the bbq as well especially for fish.  I don’t know how we ever did without it.

As for the internet, well, there’s really nothing to say.  I use it for everything from finding a recipe to how to remove a stain.  I read the news on the computer and lots of blogs.  I do nearly all my shopping online, clothes, shoes and cosmetics.  I download books.  It is truly life changing.  It has made the world so accessible and smaller.  No longer are we (Australia) so far away and information is instant.

I have 2 grandchildren H (girl) who is 4yrs old and Oompa  (boy) who is 20 months old.  Oompa loves the ipad and knows how to slide the pages.  H plays games and takes photos.   Their childhood will be so unlike mine.

We had one television so everyone watched the same programme.  We didn’t have a radio in the car so we played I spy etc on long road trips.  We read books with paper pages.  We played outside until Mum rang a bell to bring us in at dusk.

The next generation (my adult children) also didn’t have the internet until well into their teen years.  There wasn’t 24 hour childrens’ television either.  Play School at 9.30am and repeated at 4pm.

The world has changed so rapidly and I love the technology, even though I am still learning about Twitter and Instagram and I’m not on Facebook.  I don’t want to know what my children are doing 24 hours a day.  So I take what bits I like and leave the rest.

Is there anything you can’t live without?

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