The Return

My last post was in January 2017 just before we went up the coast.  The holiday started out good, we had a few visitors and some lovely days, but by February when we (I mean John) were back painting the house, I got really sick.  I had a blood test and my doctor ordered me home and into hospital.  I have had Crohn’s disease for the last four years.  Anyway, things went from bad to worse and I had an operation to remove my large bowel.  I have started a new blog about this.  You can find it here

The clothing challenge and declutter went quite well and I learned some new lessons although they now have to be modified.  Unfortunately, my new physical appearance has made a huge difference in my clothing choices.  I have donated or given away about 20 pairs of jeans that don’t make the cut over the stomach.  I need really high waists or low rise.  Six months ago there were hardly any high rise jeans around when I wanted them and now there are hardly any low rise.  Anyway the high rise aren’t high enough.  It is hard now every day on what to wear.

I will be concentrating on the bag lady blog from now on because it is my new normal.  I understand that it is completely different to a ‘lifeabovetheliqourstore’ type of blog and I know that for most people, it will not resonate.

Thank you for reading.


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The Challenge continues….

So, last time, I was at three for day 7, so I added a whole pile of cooking magazines, and a broken handle from a heater!




Then, I decided to clean out the laundry cupboard and that resulted in lots of items to dispose of.  There are too many to photograph but here is a sample:


vacuum bags (no longer have this vac)


cutting boards


a blow heater


empty jars

There were more magazines (what’s with the keeping magazines), old feather dusters and heaps of old towels that I culled.  I ended up with several boxes of rubbish and a few things for charity.  Then it was on to the bathroom.  We are doing a reno this month on the bathroom, putting in a second toilet, new vanity and retiling.  I tossed out a heap of old oils and tinctures that have been there since the year dot!  I haven’t counted everything but I think the idea of the challenge was to get started and I have certainly done that.

Tomorrow we go away for the rest of the month so I won’t be continuing but I think I have almost made 496 items.  I certainly feel better about getting rid of stuff and hope to continue in the kitchen and lounge room when I return.  Then, my new challenge will be a capsule wardrobe.  That should be very interesting.

Keep you posted.

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Another Challenge

I have another challenge going on at the moment.  This is not a ‘what I am wearing’ challenge like the last one.  This comes from here. The idea is to throw out/donate/recycle item/s for every day of the month.  That means one item on Jan 1, 2 on Jan 2 etc.  I think it will get harder as the numbers increase.  I worked out it is 496 items for the month of January!  I am ahead at the moment because I charity binned more t shirts than necessary but they will count towards the 496 goal.  This is what I have tossed so far:


6 t-shirts



 2 pairs of thongs



2 singlets and pj pants


4 old makeup/creams


old warranties/receipts of appliances we no longer have!


4 belts, gloves and a hair protector from Thailand when we rode motor scooters!

The things you keep!  I counted the warranties as my 5 items even though there were a few more but I don’t think you should count every little thing as an item.  You wouldn’t get rid of much that way.

Today, so far, I have two tiny Xmas trees that drop glitter everywhere and the Xmas cards (as one lot), so I’m calling that at three.  I would normally keep the Xmas cards for next year to make sure that I send everyone a card but I do have a list and this year the cards were very thin.  I have decided not to send any next year as a lot of people obviously did this year.  I sent 23 and received about 8!

I am looking forward to getting rid of stuff in this challenge.  Oh and by the way, you can’t buy anything that’s not essential.  I think that is more of a challenge for me than throwing stuff out.  I’ll keep you posted.

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New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope 2017 is a good year.  2016  wasn’t one of my better years, so hoping for an improvement in 2017, health wise.

To start off the year, I would like to give a bit of background to my obsession with beauty products and cosmetics.  I think it all started when we lived in Melbourne and my mum had a job with Avon.  She was the MD’s secretary.  They became firm friends over the years and stayed in touch.  Anyway, mum used to bring home samples of the cosmetics.

I was about 8 yrs old.  There were little lipsticks in tiny white plastic lipstick containers.   There were little vials of the perfumes.  Rouges, eyeshadows, face powder.  I loved it all and played at dress ups and make up.  I think this was the start of my love of makeup and skin products.

Over the years I think I have learned a lot about makeup application.  I have been conturing since the 70s (with brown and white eyeshadow).  I am still looking for the HG in foundation.  I thought I knew most things but then..

I found the glove!  For years I have been applying fake tan.  Spray, lotion and mousse.  I have never had brilliant results with the outcome, unless done professionally.  But recently, I acquired a glove.  It is a sponge like consistency and you spray on the tan and then rub it in with the glove.  I am in love.  There are no streaks, it is so easy and quick.  At the moment I am using Ulta3 (cheap as chips) but I’m sure it will be the same result with any of the brands.


Game changer, really.


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Day 10

Day 10 is finally here. Here is the final pic.


Blue jeans, white t and Nikes.

I have learned some lessons from this challenge.

  • I always wear the same thing. Even with the restriction of 10 items, most of my wardrobe is the same anyway.
  • I am boring in my clothes choices.
  • T shirts look terrible on me now that I am fatter round the middle.
  • I don’t wear any colour except grey, black and white. ( This does make it easier to get dressed in the mornings)
  • I don’t do patterns.

In my defence I don’t go out to work and rarely go anywhere that needs dressing up.  Jeans are most people’s default item of clothing from all the blogs I read.  I think I could be more adventurous in the top department.  I know that I will wear more shirts from now on and I will look at colour and pattern.  I think this will take some time for me to embrace.  It’s quite a leap for me.

The shoes I will not change.  I now wear kicks most days.  If I wear a heel it is usually an ankle boot, although we have a wedding next weekend and I am already dreading the court shoe heels.  I haven’t worn heels for ages.

This has been eyeopening for me.  I didn’t realise how I looked until I took a photo every day.  I am sure that I will now shop with a lot more consideration for what I already have and buy something other than a grey t-shirt!

Here is a recap

img_8604 img_8606 img_8611 img_8612 img_8615 img_8663 img_8686 img_8668 img_8697               img_8698



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Day 9

Two days to go and I can’t wait to stop wearing the same clothes and shoes. Today is stinking hot in Sydney but I have the tracks on with the grey t and grey kicks.  The tracks aren’t hot, they are quite a lightweight terry rather than a fleece. I am not doing much today, I have been out to the nursery to buy a few herbs for my kitchen windowsill.  I will plant them over the weekend and post some pics.

So here is today’s pic.


I must have sucked in a bit cause the stomach doesn’t look as bad as usual. I will think about what this challenge has taught me and wrap it up tomorrow.

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Day 8

I am nearing the end of the 10 items 10 days challenge.  Today it’s double denim day. I am wearing blue skinnies, chambray shirt and grey kicks.


Unfortunately the chambray shirt has suffered some spills.  I was making leek and potato soup and the soup splashed up onto my shirt. I think I will retire it rather than wash it this late in the game.  I still have the cream shirt that I have only worn once and the dreaded ts.  I can’t believe that I haven’t noticed how awful the ts look around my middle!

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Day 7

It is getting harder and a bit boring but I’m not sure why.  I would be wearing a version of the 10 items anyway as I have about 38 pairs of skinny jeans and I’ve posted the t-shirt drawer.  I’m finding my blue skinnies are starting to stretch and I would have discarded them to the wash by now, contrary to the theory that you don’t have to wash jeans and can just freeze them.  The black coated jeans are holding up well.  The ts are gross and I have washed them, feeling guilty at the small load of washing.  Today I wore the black jeans and black t and black Nikes.  (Arggh)


I don’t know whether I chose well at the beginning. It is hard to know what you will wear for 10 days which is why packing for a trip is so difficult.  And it does get boring wearing the same thing over and over.

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Day 6

Yesterday should  have been day 6 but I didn’t get dressed all day.  Stayed in pjs after a big night at the fancy dress party.

Today I mainly stay home and look after my grandson and pick his sister up from school.  So I’m back in the tracks again.  I am glad I added them to the list.  I put on my chambray shirt with them and then realised I had done that look so I just have the black t on.  It’s very casual and basic and as I said I’m not liking how t-shirts look on me.  After this challenge there will be some very brutal culling of t-shirts.


It is starting to get harder to mix the items and not repeat the look.  This is the first outing for the black t so it may feature a bit more over the next few days.  Also the cream shirt. I have only worn that once.  The positive of this experiment is that you don’t have to think much about what to wear, which makes me realise that the more you have the harder it is to decide.  I think I will be going through my clothes and making more thoughtful decisions as to what to keep.

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Day 5

Today I wore the black coated jeans, the cream shirt and black Nikes.


Tonight, we had a fancy dress party so I modified the same outfit to become a pirate.  I did wear boots instead of the Nikes.


I think that was a pretty good improvisation.  My other half went as….


and won best outfit! Talk about a doppelganger.



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